Glitter, Sparkle, Pop


In a world where binaries are assumed to be hard and fast, where stereotypes are prescribed at birth, it falls to brave artists to challenge the status quo.  A team of three self-described genderqueers, Ignacio Rivera, Midwest Genderqueer and Johnny Blazes, contend with the supposedly inflexible rules about gender in their newly-minted collaborative show, Gender Queeries.  Gender Queeries features excerpts and short works from each of these internationally-renowned multidimensional performers, woven together into an evening-length program that asks questions and provides personal perspectives on the complex nature of identity.  Drawing from the artists’ signature styles of drag, burlesque, dance, spoken word, film, poetry and vaudeville, Gender Queeries is a patchwork as evocative and myriad as the identities of its contributors.  Gender Queeries promises a thought-provoking night of humor, sass and glitter.


Get the most out of Gender Queeries’ visit to your campus: book the performers to lead a workshop!  Choose from either:

Trans 101:  a workshop open to people of all genders to dispel myths, explain proper etiquette, respect, and support for trans people.  Lead by all three performers.

Specialized workshops by individual performers:

  • Midwest GenderQueer: “You look like a Freak…” Gender and Societal Recognition”, “Sexual Attraction and GenderQueer Identities”, “Disorder or Defiance?; Gender Identity “Disorder” and Pathologizing Difference”, “Gender and Sexualized Violence”
  • Ignacio Rivera: “Art as Activism”, “Kink 101”, “Sexual liberation: living on the path”, “Power, Sex and Consent”, “Why Welfare is a Queer issue”
  • Johnny Blazes: “Drag, Gender and Performance”, “Physical Theater”

Want to book Gender Queeries for a performance or workshop? To see if the GenderQueeries will be in your area Spring 2011 check out their Tour Schedule or Contact them about coming straight to you!


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